Flavanone Mud - Niod

I love a good face mask as much as any other beauty junkie, but more often than not, I am left disappointed with the results of many of the face masks out there. They either irritate my skin or have no discernable effect on my skin.

Given the unpredictable and highly volatile nature of the my skin, I find that my skin fares the best when I am consistent with my daily skincare routine and incorporate a bi-weekly “detox” session into my skincare routine.

My “detox” session involves me using a chemical exfoliator to first slough off dead skin cells and then going in with a clay mask to rid my skin of any impurities. While I have always been happy with my collection of exfoliating masks, I was never fully satisfied with my stash of clay masks. Of course, that is until I recently stumbled upon the Flavanone Mud by Niod in London.

It is safe to say that this mask has blown all my other clay masks out of the water and has become the only mask I use now for my weekly “detox” sessions.

While I would love to describe exactly how this mask delivers phenomenal results, I have to admit that the description of the mask on the Deciem website is a tad bit complicated for the average beauty-lover to understand (you can try and decipher it yourself on Deciem’s website) but I am quite happy to give it a shot. Flavanone Mud works in 3 stages – first, by ridding the skin of any impurities, then by creating a protective shield against external build-up and, lastly, by introducing mechanisms that fight against environmental congestion factors. In a nutshell, the mask performs the dual task of removing impurities from the skin as well as helping the skin remain free of such impurities. I dare say that this approach is a winner in my books and seems to be working wonders at keeping my skin clear. 

Moving on now to more digestible information, the composition of the Flavanone Mud includes 3 different types of clay (a black Amazonian clay that is high in titanium and oligo-elements, a sedimentary white clay and a copper-rich clay from Brazil), resveratrol, a derivative of bitter orange peel as well as a highly-purified flavanone derived from the inner white parts of citrus peel.

The consistency of the mask is light and not excessively thick, allowing it to be spread very easily across the skin. I find that I need a relatively small amount for each application and a thin, even layer of this mask does an incredibly effective job at decongesting my skin. The small amount needed for each application somewhat softens the pinch of spending the hefty price tag of USD 70 (100ml).

After having put this mask to the test for the past few months, I have noticed fewer breakouts and other imperfections cropping up on my skin, even during those days when I fully expect a few monstrous hormonal zits to rear their ugly head. The Flavanone Mud has generally improved the texture and tone of my skin and I no longer deal with clogged pores.

The only downside to this mask, apart from the high price point, is the intense burning sensation that engulfs my face for the first few minutes after application. I am able to quell this sensation by standing in front of a fan but I feel that the sensation might a tad bit too intense for more sensitive-skinned girls and I suggest proceeding with caution initially and doing a patch test on a small area of the face. 

This gem by Niod will continue to be a staple in my weekly skincare routine and is an absolute must-have for those with oily, blemish-prone skin who don’t mind spending a little bit more on skincare. For those of you in India, you can get your hands on it on Cult Beauty.

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Till the next time, Adios!