It is as if Kate Somerville had read my mind and answered all my prayers when I finally got news of the new launch by Kate Somerville – the EradiKate Daily Cleanser.

I have been an avid and dedicated lover of another cult product from Kate Somerville’s skincare range, the EradiKate Acne Treatment, and have finished countless bottles of this treatment. The treatment contains the single ingredient I consider to be the most effective acne buster – sulfur. After trying to battle blemishes, especially the cystic variety, with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tea tree oil, I have to come to the firm conclusion that there is no better ingredient to take care of those unwanted and unsightly blemishes than good old (but rotten-smelling) sulfur.

Sulfur has been proven to be extremely effective in combating blemishes as it dries out the skin and causes the top layer of the epidermis to dry and peel off. It also sloughs off dead skin cells, which helps to keep pores clear. It also has antibacterial properties.

Given my very undeniable love for sulfur as a blemish-fighting ingredient, you can imagine my joy when Kate Somerville announced the launch of the new EradiKate Daily Cleanser.

Not wanting to jump on the “this is the best product ever” band-wagon without first giving the EradiKate Daily Cleanser a fair shot to prove itself, I am writing this review after a good few months of using it and am happy to report that this cleanser really does live up to the hype. 

The EradiKate Daily Cleanser contains 3% sulfur. It also contains honey and rice bran extracts which calm and soothe the skin while the natural oat extract in the cleanser takes care of excess oil production. I imagine that the honey and rice bran extracts also help to combat the dryness that sulfur is so commonly responsible for causing. Kate Somerville has also formulated this cleanser without any parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

The consistency of this cleanser is much like another favourite of mine from the Kate Somerville line, the ExfoliKate cleanser, in that the cleanser has a light, whipped texture which allows it to foam up beautifully with water. The texture of this cleanser makes it the perfect companion for my Clarisonic and Foreo Luna Mini and I feel my face gets a really thorough  and deep cleanse when I use them together. (On a side note, I prefer using the Clarisonic and Foreo devices with cleansers that produce thicker lathers. When used with thinner, milkier cleansers, I have noticed that the Clarisonic and Foreo devices prove to be too harsh for my skin.)

As for the effects of this cleanser, I must say that my trip to Italy over the summer gave me the perfect opportunity to test out this cleanser. Whether it was the cheese, pasta, gelato or wine, my skin did not react well to my over-indulgences over the summer and my chin, jaw-line and cheeks broke out into blemishes. It has taken me a few solid weeks of drinking lots of water, regulating my diet and a well-thought skincare routine to get my skin back into a presentable state. However, apart from the lifestyle changes, I feel that this cleanser has played an integral part in clearing up my skin and restoring it to its former (clearer) glory. Along with the EradiKate acne treatment, this cleanser has helped my skin get rid of existing blemishes as well as prevent new ones from appearing. It has also kept my pores clear and has been, somehow, able to keep my skin from getting overly oily during the day. Apart from the visible clarity, my skin has experienced no dryness or flaking from this cleanser and instead, has been at its balanced-best lately. Kate Somerville has produced an absolutely beautiful cleanser and is one that will always have a place on my bathroom counter. 

In light of the drying properties of this cleanser, I would caution those girls with drier skins against using this cleanser. For those of you suffering from breakouts despite having dry skin, perhaps working this cleanser into your skincare routines once or twice a week and moisturizing well might just do the trick.

The price point of this cleanser is higher than the average cleanser at USD 38 (INR 2,480) but I find that I only need a pea-sized amount for each use. After using the cleanser twice a day for the past 3 months, I am still only a quarter way through the tube. 

Unfortunately, Kate Somerville is a difficult brand to get ahold of in India and I am sure I am going to be panic-stricken as soon as I near the end of my tube. While I pray that Kate Somerville makes landfall at Sephora in India at some point in the future, I am going to be dependent on my sister fulfilling my wish-list for skincare that I cannot get ahold of here in Delhi. For those of you making trips to the US or Singapore, I would highly recommend picking up this cleanser.

I would love to hear from you on some on your favourite blemish-busting cleansers. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below or get in touch through Instagram or Twitter.

Here’s to amazing skincare…