I still remember my first set of makeup brushes. They were scratchy, irritating on my skin and, after looking back at some old photographs, it is glaringly obvious that they made my makeup look splotchy, uneven and, might I say, even a tad bit clown-like (if you get my drift). And this was despite me investing in some pretty high-end foundations and blushes. I am guessing, though, that quite a few of us have been down this road, or are possibly still stuck there, which is why I am excited to share with you some of my favourite face brushes.  

As time has gone by, I have graduated my makeup brush collection to include some incredible makeup brushes that have elevated my make-up game to a whole new level. I am sure that the relentless nature of the makeup world will continue to churn out new products year after year but I have a nagging feeling that these makeup brushes will continue to be staples in my makeup brush collection.

Foundation Brushes


MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush: This brush was the first high-end brush in my collection and was so lovingly gifted to me by my housemates in Singapore (who were very clearly aware of my makeup addiction). MAC, in my opinion, makes some of the best brushes out there. They are soft, easy to clean and of incredible quality (minimal shedding) and this stippling brush is no exception. This Duo Fibre face brush is my go-to brush for foundation on a daily basis as it allows me sheer out heavier foundations while leaving an airbrushed, perfected finish on the skin. Its larger size also makes foundation application a very quick process. I have tested this brush with countless number of foundations and there is rarely a foundation that this face brush refuses to cooperate with.

Apart from foundation, this brush works beautifully with cream bronzers and blushes as it places and diffuses colour perfectly on the cheeks. An absolutely stellar brush from MAC and a must-have for those who need something quick and effective in the mornings.

Sephora Pro Small Stippling 42: Sephora Collection makeup and tools are often overlooked by makeup aficionados and not that one can blame us given the deluge of other makeup products that are constantly being thrown our way. However, it was love at first sight when I found this little gem hidden away at a Sephora store in Washington DC during my last trip. Given my love for the MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush, I instinctively knew that this brush would do me no wrong. Like the MAC foundation brush, this brush is incredibly soft and of lovely quality. While the former gives me sheerer coverage and quicker application, the Sephora foundation brush demands a little more effort from me in terms of working the foundation into my skin but the result is completely worth it. Foundation lays atop the skin in the most beautiful way without any cakiness or streaks. This brush gives a slightly heavier coverage than the MAC duo fibre face brush which is perfect for evenings and special occasions.

I am excited to test out and try a few more Sephora Collection brushes and the next time you are in Sephora, I highly recommend that you take a gander down the Sephora Collection makeup aisle and check out this brush.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: I have been a fan of Sam and Nic on Youtube for years and it is no surprise that their incredible talent has led to the creation of some truly outstanding makeup brushes.

The Buffing Brush is my weapon of choice when I want a flawless and full coverage finish to my foundation. It applies foundation in the most seamless way without compromising on coverage, which is why I use this brush with some of my heavier foundations.

The bristles of this foundation brush are buttery soft and an absolute dream to clean. The size of this brush also makes for a very quick foundation application. The reasonable price point of Real Techniques brushes is another major plus point. Don’t be surprised if you see this blog post dominated by Real Techniques brushes as I truly believe they are some of the best brushes out there.

Powder Brushes


Real Techniques Bold Metals 103 and Real Techniques Powder Brush: These two Real Techniques brushes are my go-to brushes for applying loose powder and I have come to rely on them so heavily that I can honestly say that I have retired all my other powder brushes. As they are Real Techniques brushes, it is a given that they are of fabulous quality and extremely easy to clean. They have retained their shape even after countless washes and do not shed in the least.

As for performance, these brushes pick up the perfect amount of powder and allow me to apply the thinnest veil of loose powder over the skin. The softness of the brush also ensures that neither foundation nor concealer is disturbed underneath. What else could one need from a powder brush?

Blush Brush


Real Techniques Blush Brush: Applying blush can sometimes be tricky. The slightest misstep can ruin flawless makeup application and undoing over-application of blush is nothing short of a nightmare. I find most blush brushes too small in size which often leads to me creating two garishly pink circles on my cheeks (hence my reference above to clown-like makeup).

Far removed from clown-like makeup, this brush makes it difficult to over-apply blush as it diffuses colour evenly over the cheeks. Like other Real Techniques brushes, this brush is beyond soft and does not disturb makeup underneath. Its slightly larger size also minimizes the chances of mistakes.

I would, however, not use this brush with cream products as its bristles and shape make it difficult to blend cream products into the skin.

Highlighter Brush


Real Techniques Bold Metals 300: The smaller size of this brush makes it the perfect applicator for highlight. It places product exactly where needed and has enough give to be able to blend the product into the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of some of my favourite face brushes. I feel these brushes are a perfect addition to any collection, whether you already have an extensive collection of makeup or are just starting out in this space.

As I am constantly on the hunt for new gems to add to my makeup collection, I would love to hear from you about your must-have face brushes. Please leave me a comment below or get in touch through Instagram or Twitter.

Till the next time…