The New Blemish-Buster on the Block

It is as if Kate Somerville had read my mind and answered all my prayers when I finally got news of the new launch by Kate Somerville - the EradiKate ...
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Flavanone Mud Mask - Niod

Is this the Best Face Mask Out There?

I love a good face mask as much as any other beauty junkie, but more often than not, I am left disappointed with the results of many of the face ...
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The Acid Toners You Need To Try

I distinctly remember the days when my nightly skincare routine involved scratching the life out of my skin with a manual exfoliator (i.e. facial scrubs). It has taken me years ...
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Healthy Snacking – Date and Nut Energy Balls

Studying for exams really brings out the worst in me when it comes to looking after myself and eating healthy. When I started studying for my exams to qualify as ...
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Makeup Brushes That Will Make (Not Break) The Way You Apply Makeup

I still remember my first set of makeup brushes. They were scratchy, irritating on my skin and, after looking back at some old photographs, it is glaringly obvious that they ...
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The Six Beauty Products You Need To Get That Dewy Glow

Autumn-Winter is usually the time of the year that I am particularly happy with the state of my skin and attempt to bring back some glow to my skin. These ...
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If I Was Stranded On A Desert Island? This Is All I Would Need

My “slight” obsession with skincare ensures that I am constantly surrounded by dozens of products at any given time, resulting in my skin being slathered, smeared and sometimes, plain assaulted, ...
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My December Favourites

December, being the final month of the year, always propels me into a frenzy of sorts. From trying to complete a near impossible list of goals before the end of ...
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Want Better Skin? Look In Your Kitchen

As much as I swear by the effects of some of my favourite high-end skincare, there are days when my skin puts up a fuss and refuses to get along ...
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The Best of Korean and Japanese Skincare and Makeup

A huge trend that conquered the beauty world this past year was Korean and Japanese skincare and makeup as well as the much-hyped-about 10-step Korean Skincare Routine. If you have ...
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These Beautiful Loose Powders Will Make You Forget About Snow This Winter

Despite being a makeup-enthusiast and owning a formidable collection of makeup, my take on makeup is along the lines of ‘less is more.’ Most days, my makeup routine consists of ...
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Want To Wake Up To Beautiful Skin? End Each Day Like This

I was a firm believer that consistency was the key to good skin and kept myself bound to a very rigid and unchanging skincare routine, no matter the season or ...
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This Is What I Think Winter Smells Like

The side effect of living on a tropical island for most my childhood is that I sometimes wish that life resembled an unending summer holiday. There is something about the ...
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My November Beauty Favourites

A few months ago, when I finalized a trip to Singapore for my best friend’s wedding, apart from the excitement of going home and spending time with my family and ...
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How To Hydrate Your Skin Without Moisturiser

I absolutely detest the sticky, slick feeling that most moisturisers leave on my skin. However, given the beauty junkie that I am, I sometimes cannot resist the urge to try ...
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How To Beat The Breakouts and Stay Beautiful

While my original intention was to take you through the opulent and beyond dreamy Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior, I was finding it difficult to hold myself back for another ...
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The Great Indian Skincare Story Part II – Forest Essentials

Having been in India for close to a year now, I feel that I have given my skin a fair chance to get accustomed to the peculiarities of the Indian ...
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New To Facial Oils? These Are The Best Out There

Facial oils are a fairly new addition to my skincare routine. A few years ago, I would have shuddered at the thought of applying oil to my naturally oily skin ...
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How To Keep Your Skin Happy

Cleansers are, what I consider, the backbone of any good skincare routine. There is simply no point in spending hard-earned money on expensive masks, serums and creams if your skin ...
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Makeup Primers

The Best Way To Keep Your Face On

From its barely acknowledged existence to its new found prominence in the makeup industry, the makeup primer is one of the most underrated products in the makeup world. I, for ...
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Cleansing Balms

One Habit that Will Immediately Improve your Skin

The hunt for perfect skincare has been a mainstay in my life. I have been hard pressed to create a skincare routine for myself that satisfies my requirements and gives ...
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Indian Ayurveda Skincare - Biotique Products

The Great Indian Skincare Story Part I – Biotique

I am very excited to be starting a series of blog posts on Indian skincare and my first post is about Biotique, which is an amazing Ayurvedic skincare brand. I ...
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Makeup and Skincare Products for Road Trip Travel

Beauty Products to Carry when you’re on the Road

Let’s face it. While travelling often breathes new life into us, it just as easily sucks the life out of our skin and hair. It is this frustration that has ...
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