The New Blemish-Buster on the Block

It is as if Kate Somerville had read my mind and answered all my prayers when I finally got news of the new launch by Kate Somerville - the EradiKate ...
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I Left My Heart in Venice

From storybooks and fairy tales to poetry and plays, the city of Venice has been a poignant source of inspiration for writers, artists and story tellers alike and after years ...
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Flavanone Mud Mask - Niod

Is this the Best Face Mask Out There?

I love a good face mask as much as any other beauty junkie, but more often than not, I am left disappointed with the results of many of the face ...
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The Acid Toners You Need To Try

I distinctly remember the days when my nightly skincare routine involved scratching the life out of my skin with a manual exfoliator (i.e. facial scrubs). It has taken me years ...
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Healthy Snacking – Date and Nut Energy Balls

Studying for exams really brings out the worst in me when it comes to looking after myself and eating healthy. When I started studying for my exams to qualify as ...
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Makeup Brushes That Will Make (Not Break) The Way You Apply Makeup

I still remember my first set of makeup brushes. They were scratchy, irritating on my skin and, after looking back at some old photographs, it is glaringly obvious that they ...
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